Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Post 25 and then some

I learned this in history a while back but when it comes to inflation people who benefit either way are merchants or business men. The reason why makes sense, since they have a product or service to sell if inflation happens they can just raise prices to keep up. Either way money is circulating around them so they are able to adapt to the change and that would have them with more money in their pockets.

How bout that Gini index
   After seeing how the U.S. is in the mid to high 40's (2007ish) and with 1 being the complete like monopoly with one guy owning it all and such all I can say is at least it anit like communism right where a Dr. or uranium scientist gets as much as the dude cutting your grass or somewhere along those lines. That be a yeah and no idea but its only sounds good on paper. You need the rich people to invest and start business and compete with one another that how prices can be lowered for the consumer.

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