Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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Q#1 National income accounting tracks consumption , income and production in a nations economy.
Q#2 real GDP is current GDP it happens in the same year.
Q#4 Gross nation product 

Q#1 Gross domestic product is the most commonly used national income and product account.
Q#2four sectors of the product market combine to make up GDP
Q#6 high levels of business investment promote expansion in the business cycle.

Q#2 to avoid double counting economist  use a value added approach A.
Q#3 Economist create a price index by D.
Q#4 GDP figures are inaccurate because D.
Q#5 B expansion describes economic growth in the business cycle.
Q#8 D is an example of a lagging indicator.

Q#1 D nation income accounting tracks production income and consumption in an economy.
Q#2 B nominal GDP is expressed in current prices of a period of time being measured.
Q#4 K GDP is the total dollar value of all final output produced with factors of production owned by residents of a given country during a year.
Q#12 Capital deepening is an increase in the amount of capital gods available per worker.

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