Thursday, December 23, 2010

my humps...

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After seeing that I honestly thought I lost braincells the video was soooooo sillllllllly I didn't even pay attention to the little brief moments of educational graphs that they had I was more thrown off by the dude air rubbin' the vase and the dropping bling, I was paying attention to the rap untill I saw the banana at 1:28 that gave me a lil chuckle.

Sorry about being a hater but I'd have to go with to be something more sure about business cycles

Ten Things

Post 13
Economic indicators are collected by the U.S. Department of Commerce.
Large government expenditures for national defense traditionally have strengthened business activity in the U.S.
productivity growth is defined as an increase in the output of each worker per hour of work
The amount of capital stock per worker is called capital to labor ratio
Growth has slowed since the mid 1960's in American productivity.
Economists measure economic growth by per capita
Long term growth is needed for a country's standard of living, without it standard of living decreases.
Business cycles are fluctuations in a market systems economic activity.
The business cylce is divided into four stages.
The contractions phase is a period of slowed business.

Limitations with caculating GDP

Post 12

            Limitations with GDP and how it is calculated is by many factors that show a positive transactions and negative. Black market transactions, Bartering , and volunteering are not included when calculating GDP. Crime, economic disasters, and divorce are treated as an economic gain. A disaster like an oil spill is caculated as a GDP gain. These factors mess the actual GDP caculations of the nation and leads to different numbers.

-From Jay Hanson,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

GDP= C +G + I + NX

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             GDP = C + G + I + NX
        Gross domestic product = consumer spending and private consumption + Government spending + nation's spending on capital + nations total net exports

NX = total nation exports - total nations imports
C= sum of spending
G= sum of government spending
I= sum of business spending/ investments

-From Investopedia &


Post 10
          Macroeconomics is the study of the economy in a bigger perspective in ways like a country's economy. What I find interesting about it is that its the bigger picture, because all the things included in microeconomics is what builds up the macro economy of the country. What I hope on learning about is more on GDP, how inflation occurs, and how to stop inflation.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Technology improving the way we learn

post 9 the 100 word essay

A decade has passed since 2000 and with the advancement of technology also comes the advancement in learning. Since the beginning of time lectures and writing have been used to pass knowledge. With the technology and the internet right at our fingers students can get a more hands on approach to learning. Other types of learners are able to comprehend the subjects with a more practical approach that suits them best. Uploading previous lesson plans on video can still have students listen and typing that takes place of writing still apply in improving the way a student can learn.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Malcolm Gladwell

Post 8

Malcolm Gladwell explains how companies compete with each other and how they try differentiate their products. Companies eventually try to satisfy other parts of the population by making the same product but differently, such as extra chunky sauce. It varies with the product but it is able to sell with different parts of the population that want that variety in the products they buy.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Four natural monopolies

A type of monopoly that exists as a result of the high fixed or start-up costs of operating a business in a particular industry. Because it is economically sensible to have certain natural monopolies, governments often regulate those in operation, ensuring that consumers get a fair deal.
Investopedia Says
-From Investopedia

When a market's potential profit is so limited by its geographic location that only a single seller decides to enter the market.
An example would be like a store in a rural area
- From

Technological monopolies occur when the good or service the company provides is has legal protection in the form of a patent or copyright.
Ipods and apple products are an example of technological monopolies.
-From Ehow

Sometimes a government will pass laws reserving a specific trade, product or service for government agencies. 
The turnpike is an example or an electric company.

-From Ehow

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Study Blue flash cards site
If it doesn't let you in then join, its quick and type monopoly in the search it will take you to all the flash cards and word docs by other authors and check it out. You can use it to study other classes or create your own.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Post 5 Breaking up the Airline Cartels

You ever want to go travel to other destinations outside the U.S? Or go south for the winter during break every year? That would be amazing I would do it but prices for tickets are so high Airline Cartels work together to keep prices set, if they all broke up and were forced to compete against each other. That would benefit us wanting to travel a whole lot more with the decreases in prices for tickets. It will also force companies to increase their travel destinations in other states and countries.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The eight things I learned

Sellers in a monopolistic competition try to differentiate or point out differences in their products and those of their competitors.
The main goal for product differentiation and non price competition is to increase profits.
Interdependent pricing is being responsive to or dependant on the pricing action of competition.
Collusion is sellers secretly agree to set production levels or prices for their products, it is illegal.
Natural Monopoly is a market in which a single monopoly produces a good or service most efficiently.
"Trusts" are another word for huge monopolies.
The first antitrust law was the Interstate commence law.
Standard Oil was the best known monopoly to be broken up by the Sherman antitrust law.

Post 3 The five things and its market structures

I want it but simply can't afford car companies are a known oligopoly though you have many choices getting into the market is hard to close to impossible to be as successful as these companies.

I did not have to choose a kitkat I could have chosen a heresy bar or snickers you know I'd say the choice that is so much it is another pure competition.

So I bought some Gatorade mix right but I saw some bottled Powerade that was a dollar twenty five or what ever the price I look around for some other drink that had electrolytes in them and it was only Gatorade and Powerade I say its an Oligopoly they got going.

Eating Wendy's is good I had them a week ago and yeah they're in that perfect competition area, their competing against McDonald's and Burger King and other fast food chains.
Lunch time at school can be good sometimes amazing on some occasions but most the time its iiight ya know it bothers me some times that a meal cost two dollars and you get a roll with one slice of meat and cheese like November 30ths "cheese steak" they should just open up a taco bell or something so I can get a 1/2 pound burrito or two tacos or something more filling. Its a monopoly man I'm tellin ya.

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Market models


Yeah so I didnt know what to talk about so I asked Seth and Joe and they said to talk about my self and what college I wanted to go to etc. So I'm Tim B. B is for Budhoo said like "Bud-Who" don't know where the "a" came in budahoe but its all good I don't care how you say it. I'm making this blog thing for economics class and I hope to go to college some where out west away from NJ...hopefully I'll get accepted to ASU thats where I want to go and major in business or something I really don't know yet, I can't decide but I got a whole year left so lets see what happens.