Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Post 24

Frictional employment: I work for an accounting firm in Philly for 6 years this experience allows me to become a head accountant that monitors other accountants. I apply and get accepted at a fortune 500 company the pay is greater than the firms pay I move up the ladder in my career.

Structural employment: After graduating college with an PHD and what not in accounting I qualify to become a head fortune 500 company head accountant  fresh out of college. Since there is so many fortune 500 companies many who already have employed and experienced head accountants I become structurally unemployed or have o move down the ladder quite a bit until the position opens up.

Cyclical employment: After being a assembly line mechanic for uh Ford, Chevy, GMC and all in 40 years experience since the companies had to layoff workers in 2007-2009 because of the recession to save the head CEO's and other executives oh yeah and the brands themselves they laid off me and some buddies who been working since '68 now I've been cyclically unemployed for quite some time now.

Seasonal employment: I'm a landscaper in NJ and I make money cutting peoples grass, hedges and planting flowers keeping the yard nice and green and what not. Since winter came around all my work is like dead so now I work as a snow plower. Since my job changes with the season I an Seasonally employed.

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