Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Post 3 The five things and its market structures

I want it but simply can't afford car companies are a known oligopoly though you have many choices getting into the market is hard to close to impossible to be as successful as these companies.

I did not have to choose a kitkat I could have chosen a heresy bar or snickers you know I'd say the choice that is so much it is another pure competition.

So I bought some Gatorade mix right but I saw some bottled Powerade that was a dollar twenty five or what ever the price I look around for some other drink that had electrolytes in them and it was only Gatorade and Powerade I say its an Oligopoly they got going.

Eating Wendy's is good I had them a week ago and yeah they're in that perfect competition area, their competing against McDonald's and Burger King and other fast food chains.
Lunch time at school can be good sometimes amazing on some occasions but most the time its iiight ya know it bothers me some times that a meal cost two dollars and you get a roll with one slice of meat and cheese like November 30ths "cheese steak" they should just open up a taco bell or something so I can get a 1/2 pound burrito or two tacos or something more filling. Its a monopoly man I'm tellin ya.

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